Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights (MPVR) is an advocacy group whose goal is for Mississippi’s vaccine laws to reflect the state of Mississippi’s respect for the basic human right of parents to be the final authority in their children’s vaccinations, as in 47 other healthier states. We do not believe that giving parents these rights will result in massive disease return, as other states, including our bordering states, have had these rights since the beginning of vaccine mandates DECADES AGO. 

In addition, many first world countries whose children are healthier than ours have no vaccine mandates for school, yet free market successfully dictates vaccine uptake for the most threatening vaccine preventable diseases. 

Please sign our petition that defends the freedom of informed voluntary consent to bring MS laws more in line with 47 other healthier states. 


Further Information Regarding Vaccination in Mississippi:

Mississippi infants and children are the most heavily vaccinated in the U.S., accomplished by implementing the most restrictive vaccine laws in the nation. This prohibition on freedom is certainly nothing to be proud of and MS is losing educated professionals in mass who are taking their bright children with them to our neighboring and other states. 

47 healthier states allow parents to follow alternative vaccine schedules, offering religious and/or personal belief exemptions, since the beginning of vaccine mandates decades ago. Many vaccines are cultured on Aborted Fetal Cells as is stated on vaccine manufacturer package inserts. The Religious Liberty of parents in MS is being violated daily by our childhood vaccine mandates which offer no legitimate options to a one-size-fits-all massive childhood vaccine schedule.

In 1986 vaccine manufacturers and healthcare providers were indemnified by the Federal Government and can no longer be held liable in a civil court of law for vaccine induced death or injury. Since that time, the childhood schedule has more than quadrupled to 49 vaccine doses by kindergarten and 70+ by high school. With over 200 vaccines in development, the schedule will only continue to grow.

Free vaccines are supplied to most pediatric clinics in MS through the federal Vaccines For Children Program (VFC). These vaccines are highly reimbursable utilizing federal and state funds. VFC providers must maintain a 90% compliance quota, not to the state mandated schedule, but to the even larger CDC schedule, in order to maintain their contract. Because MSDH audits these VFC providers, doctors are terminating infants and children as patients in order to protect their contract and their jobs. This will not stop until the people say, "Enough!" 

Dr. William Thompson, CDC Senior Scientist and a chief author of the CDC's 2004 study on vaccines and Autism, has released thousands of disposed documents showing that vaccines are indeed causing Autism; most significantly in black baby boys. Audio confession and all documents were made available to the public online, January 2016. 

Childhood vaccines are one-size-fits-all medicine. We don't know how many is too many for a given child, as they are all different. Our full childhood vaccine schedule as it is administered has never been studied for long term or synergistic effects.

Coercing parents into compliance only serves to destroy trust by violating the principle of informed consent and creates further resistance. Most parents want to vaccinate, but want options. Parents in MS deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect as parents in any other state.

©MPVR, Inc. 2016
“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17